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About Mina

My name is Mina Seetharaman.
I've never really thought of myself as an artist, but time changes everything.

mina look up.jpeg

I sometimes refer to painting as my “lockdown learning.” We all found our own ways to deal with the pandemic. Some people baked bread. Taylor Swift wrote two albums. I decided to explore a different aspect of my creativity, thinking it would be fun to make something besides a powerpoint, and that perhaps it could be something my kids and I could do together.
And, of course, I had to stop eating so much bread.

For me, painting is about spontaneous experiments with color, flow and composition. Much of my work is fluid; I often start with an idea, and serendipity lands me in a very different place. So much of my life — of all of our lives — is governed by rules, structure, constraints. I use my artwork as a counter to this, a way of learning to find beauty and contentment in what I cannot wholly control. 

Thanks for visiting; I hope you find something you love. And if you’d like something made especially for you to love, please do not hesitate to request a commission.

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